Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam


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The New Age religion is the very foundation of the New World Government, without which the dictatorship of the New World Order is completely impossible.

The “Blue Beam Project” contains four different steps, aiming to implement the religion of a New Era, with the Antichrist at its head:

1. re-evaluation of all archaeological knowledge (artificial earthquakes, new so-called discoveries, etc.) ;

2. a great Space Show with three-dimensional optical holograms, sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world (each receiving an image corresponding to the predominant regional religious faith);

3. “two-way electronic telepathic communication” for mind control (supported by propaganda in advertising, television, modern education and various types of social pressure);

4. supernatural manifestations by electronic means (tricking mankind to believe that a UFO invasion is coming, spreading high-frequency waves over the earth in abundance, putting integrated chips on every individual).

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