The Toronto Protocols ; 6.6.6.

The Toronto Protocols ; 6.6.6.


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The end of June 1967 marks the final preparations for the implementation of the plan for the “fall of nations” by the higher authorities of Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry in Toronto (Canada). This highly confidential secret meeting is organized by the “6.6.6.” (as they call themselves), those who lead the 6 largest global banks, the 6 largest energy consortiums on the planet, and the 6 largest agrifood consortiums (which include pharmaceutical consortiums, and the global “vaccine” market). These 6.6.6., being the highest leaders of international finance, will define a common strategy within their meeting to impose absolute control over “global trade” and the “Energy Weapon”. In this work, Serge Monast unveils two explosive documents titled “Panem et Circenses” (official report of June 1967 of the 6.6.6. on the genocidal project aiming at the “vital for the sake of profitable occult”) and “The Red Dawn” (official report of June 1985 of the 6.6.6., in 27 protocols, on the total control of the planet by taking hold of the IMF, GATT, the Brussels Commission, NATO, the UN, and other international organizations). After a brief objective observation of global events that occurred over the last fifty years, we can reasonably affirm that the scenario described in these two documents is more than plausible and allows us to conceive today what seemed inconceivable only yesterday.

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