The United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America

The United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America


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“Project Rex 84”, “Operation Dragnet”, “Fincen Mission & Fincen Network”, “FEMA”, “Executive Order #11490”, “L.E.F.A.”, “Operation Cable Splicer”, “Operation Garden Plot”… Code names used to conceal “military-police” operations aimed at establishing, among other things, “concentration camps”, at the dawn of the overthrow of democracy in the United States, and the establishment of a new regime under the control of the United Nations, which had become the supreme body for safeguarding the interests of a New World Order. How many of these camps were set up? And in anticipation of what scenarios and types of detainees? According to the author’s sources, a few high-ranking American and Canadian officials secretly met in several clandestine meetings to explore all conceivable possibilities for pooling their strength and coordinating it to prevent the outbreak of a “civil war” in America. This raises serious questions about the procedures put in place! Fear, cowardice, and blindness have their limits: the eruption of truth, sooner or later!

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