The World Government of the Antichrist

The World Government of the Antichrist


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This volume is the result, the culmination of fifteen years of investigation into the world of the Illuminati, the World Government of the United Nations, the Universal Conspiracy (of the Age of Aquarius), and the political, economic, military, and pharmaceutical circles at an international level. The investigations, document compilations, and the writing of this work have been conducted in a strictly scientific manner to create a reliable investigative report. Therefore, this volume does not reflect a religious or spiritual perspective on past, present, and future events; instead, it follows an inquiry based solely on the facts and the reality of various historical events. Consequently, any religious or spiritual aspect arising from this text is unintentional on the part of the author but is the direct and evident result of the analysis of all examined documents. The “Plan” for the establishment of a New World Order requires the abolition of all national governments, the abolition of all heritage and inheritance, the abolition of private property, the abolition of patriotism, the abolition of the “family unit” (one of the pillars of all civilizations), and the abolition of all established and existing religions, so that the Luciferian ideology of totalitarianism can be imposed on all of humanity.

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