The United Nations Conspiracy Against Christianity

The United Nations Conspiracy Against Christianity


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Upon reading this book, you will be compelled to seriously reconsider your condition, as you may find yourself trapped in something you never thought possible. For those who have not had access to the “prophecies” and “documents” from the secret Vatican library of the past, it will be difficult to judge adequately the growing threats associated with the coming of the Anti-Pope. His rise to power heralds the decline and then complete disappearance of all of Christendom. These “secret prophecies” and ancient “documents” from the past confirm in detail the course of human history up to this day and beyond, revealing to us what the “role of the Anti-Pope” will be in imposing the “new religious foundations of the world doctrine” that will be used as “basic references” to shape the government of the New World Order and the New World Society, in preparation for the coming of the Antichrist. This implies the disappearance of the Christian heritage, the destruction of the Christian Church, the strengthening of laws against Christian ideology, the banning of Christian teaching, and the abolition of all Christian books. The irreversible process leading to the establishment of the New World Order is set in motion. The urgency of the situation is such that I am no longer allowed to keep these documents confidential. Here, the worst way to react to such revelations would be not to react at all, for no one is protected against such a profound “Conspiracy of the Ages.”

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