Unveiling the Conspiracy: Plan for Chaos and Marking of Humanity

Unveiling the Conspiracy: Plan for Chaos and Marking of Humanity


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For several years now, there have been projects aimed at laser marking individuals on the forehead or wrist. Today, the New World Order has gone further, as it is capable of realizing its dream of complete control over the “human herd.” How? By injecting an electronic chip into every living being with the assignment of an 18-digit number composed of three sets of six digits; a numbered figure that would be inscribed by laser tattooing on the forehead or on the back of the hand; a “global mark” alone could put an end to all currencies. “No individual could buy or sell without being assigned this numbered mark…” This will be the subject of the first part of this document, and in the second part, we will try to understand why our schools have produced a youth which, for the most part, is without faith, without moral values, without discernment, and having only the perspective of serving the System according to an “anti-Christian” and “humanist” morality. Finally, we will examine the police and military formations constituted by the leaders of the “World Government”: leaders chosen from the bright graduates of the schools of the “enlightenment ideology.” This World Government in the service of Evil aims to establish the son of perdition (the Antichrist), for it needs a multinational omnipresent action force that can only be formed from national elements!

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